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About Royds Park Railway

The company was formed in 1950 as originally a model engineering society, at a time when model engineering covered a whole range of modelling interests from miniature aircraft, boats, clocks, engines and workshop tools as well as miniature rail and road vehicles, with the intention of promoting these interests.

Times have changed and what was built as an aside to the involvement of actually building the models. The miniature railway at Royds Park is now an entity of its own.
Due to the litigious society we now live in it was found necessary to change the format of the club into a limited by guarantee company to formalise the undertakings of the society and provide insurances to protect individual members from prosecution.

The miniature railway has been in operation for over 50 years and has continually evolved from a portable track to the current 2 track operation and has provided the communities of Spenborough and now Kirklees, with enjoyment and low cost entertainment.
The model engineers have been joined by people with other interests and who seek to preserve, maintain and develop what is now a well established local amenity.

Ambitious plans are progressing to further develop the track by extending the railway across the top of the park.
The appeal of railways has no boundaries and appeals to all age groups regardless of sex, creed or race. This is shared by miniature railways but with the extra benefit in that the locomotives, rolling stock and track have been made by the people running the railway.

The model engineering side still exists to encourage and instil the desire to create and add to the benefits of the company and our new workshop is now complete and is well equipped with hand and machine tools to allow members to repair equipment for the railway or even members without workshops to produce models. Training in the use of the machines is available and we hope to introduce members to the world of engineering.

Many members are interested in other aspects of the company such as gardening, building, electrical installation, marketing the railway, fundraising, or assisting in the cafe.

We have an equal opportunities policy and can offer friendship to all.

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